Updated: Oct 2

I haven't been following boating for a while, and I'm not sure why the analytics on Clock Work's site show a healthy step in both visits and time spent looking around... that part must be a good thing. Email enquiries are about the same or maybe up modestly but not in scale with the new visit level. Those have always tightly tracked each other. I suppose that might be explainable by the idea that my third-biggest-regret-in-life (my choice of email tech) appears to continue to wage war on privacy-loving people and I'm just not getting everything. The other, and even less explainable email change is that the usually steady ratio of primarily decent and even considerate sailors enquiring has... how might I say it.... changed. A message comes in: "can I see it around X?" and I begin to be available myself or line up a friend local to the boat and get back to them and poof..... they disappear forever. Etc.

Add this to the fact I'm burned out on my work project (sincere thanks to people I can easily imagine asking if they could "see Clock Work around X"). I'm also having the plastic repaired in a few weeks (seam blew open maybe 6 weeks back), and that I'm maybe 3 or so weeks from paying my winter storage.... I'm pondering taking some significant time off from work as well as a 100% break from "certain elements of humanity". Once there's new plastic on and if I'm able to remember how to have fun, I'm switching off everything that's not family or fun. And fair notice.. the best and seemingly only 42 around goes with me until whenever. Thank God for patent royalties. For now, still around, but "something or get off the pot", as my depression era/WW2 dad was known to say.

Hey... if anyone knows the poor SOB who owns this one, please let him know where he can quickly replace it. Thinking maybe that's a size down from a 42.

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