Know someone looking for a trawler? Recommender Program

I've had very good success using finder's fees to create awareness for my company's products and programs, not to mention it gives me a chance to thank friends and forum members who have helped me out in the past by including them in a chance to participate in the sale.

BUT also... in my day job, I've seen people with nothing better to do try to carpet bomb the world with possibles attempting to transform something intended to be surgical into something faux-clever and statistical for their own benefit. And they expect you to be ok with it. No. I hate wasting heartbeats to defend against 1% idiots, but that's how the universe works, so... here are the simple rules that never should have been necessary in the first place.

  • A finder's fee of $500 for providing a name or recommending Clock Work to a potential buyer, if...

  • That person indeed buys Clock Work within 120 days and successfully becomes the new owner.

  • And satisfies the other requirements stated here.

  • Anyone may submit up to two names. No thirds. Unfortunately part of the "jerk defense".

  • The start date of this program is March 18, 2021. There will be no going back in time to back date.

  • In the event more than one recommender put forth the same name, the one with the earlier email date from the Clock Work web site form will be the winner.

  • The only thing that makes any business sense from my end in going with this program is that for a lead to be recommended, it must be new and previously unknown to me. Not "post dated". So the recommender and the lead need to enter my awareness on the same email from the contact form on the website.

How to Submit a lead/interested party - either of the two options

  • Submit the name(s) yourself via the the Clock Work web site.

  • Ensure to clearly note "FINDER - SUGGESTION"

  • List the one or two LEADS with a valid email address for them.

  • Write down "SUBMITTED BY:" followed by your name, email and phone number.

  • Or just point your friend at the Clock Work web site and in their contact email, please have them add the line: "I was recommended by Name, email, phone number"

  • There will be at most 1 Finder Fee awarded.

  • The finder's fee will be paid (prefer paypal) 15 days after the entire sale is completed and full payment has been received by the seller, is uncontested and has cleared.

  • Again... PLEASE excuse the deluge of rules and process. I want to make sure I take proper care of whoever gets me over the finish line, and at the same time, not foolishly ignore erecting the right idiot defenses. Common sense will prevail, and it is tragic this much had to be written down. Call this a variant on the General Prudential Rule. Any screw ups/mistakes/acts of nature/technical issues/comet strikes/pandemics... whatever... will become 100% don't care after the fact. There is a spirit to this, which is to introduce me to the ultimate buyer of the boat and for me to send a moderate thank you to that introducer. All decisions by the judge (me) are final. Regardless of all this lawyer BS, I sincerrely look forward to sending this payment with my genuine appreciation for that assistance. #Defund-stupid.

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