Like the old joke about economists, and the Newport Boat Show

"On the one hand".... here lies apparently the only NT42 on the market.. with the superior engine controls (sorry but I refuse to argue systems perspectives with dentists and accountants or grant then fealty in this matter anymore.. ditto for moisture meter fanboys).. low hours to boot.. and the 2nd gen layout (I.e. usable).

On the other, I've got the tech company I... in very poor judgment.. chose to link up this site, my many past visitors which includes some who are on the path to being friends, and me. They (Goofle) have transitioned from being annoying to hostile because they "can't tell I'm me". Which is precisely the objective. So, at least I know my theories on keeping big tech's various extremities out of my exhaust pipe have been at least partially validated. I'm going to instantly turn this web address into something else once Goofle screws up and lets the wrong guy thru it's shields and scoops up Clock Work. I think a tutorial on how to deny those AH's anymore of what defines who you are and what you do makes perfect sense for my plans for that use - applied technical decision making in the face of opaque risk.. design, diagnosis, problem-solving, etc.

So two extremes... like 0 divided by 0... which side/hand defines the current state of the system?

Anyway, I heard yesterday afternoon the Newport Boat show already in progress and wanted to inject a message at the usual feeder sites... the message being that the plastic started to blow off 2 weeks ago (OF COURSE during the annual sea gull blueberry-shitting season) and if anyone wants to see her for either Option 1 or 2 to let me arrange it before I have it recovered.

If Brandon finishes destroying everything, there is a chance my extremely well-entrenched opinion of marinas could change and it might then be very worth keeping. My wife didn't like when I made that observation yesterday. "If"... LOL

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