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Purchase Option #2 (updated)

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

This is a second/parallel option for purchasing Clock Work, actually suggested by an interested party this past spring. See adjacent blog for more about that/"why".

Purchase Clock Work on the hard and in the shrink wrap, as-is/where-is for a significant discount, that is, purchase price is $390K under this option.


  • Of course the boat is available to be completely inspected. Hire a surveyor if you like and I strongly suggest that. I'm just cutting out the sea trial and the hell of the associated sea trial logistics after I've watched marine-services first-hand. If you like it, pay the reduced price and it's yours.

  • Some important points

    • FYI, I'll adjust the discount as I see fit over time without notice. Any adjustments to the discount will be posted here.

    • Make sure you know that unlike a conventional sale (and that option is still available), there is no deposit that removes the boat from the market while the details grind through. Ownership simply transfers upon payment/funds clearing. I have an attorney with an office very near the boat. If two people get to the finish line at the same time, the deal goes to the taller party.

    • No buyer's agents for this option

    • The Uncertainty Principle

      • This purchase option should be viewed as fleetingly available, i.e it may disappear without notice.

      • Important - I will protect an individual's opportunity under this option from disappearance for one business day after inspecting... i.e. you get a business day after you inspect to act if I cancel the program. Do not confuse that with protection from another party submitting full payment ahead of you.

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