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When it comes to where I have to put my time, selling Clock Work has been solidly at priority #3 since late 2019. After I got the web site online and began discussing (quite enjoyably) with the early respondents, Priorities 1 and 2 amp'd up and ate my bandwidth. No apologies for putting first things first. I'm pushing harder to turn this on that I would sign up for as I'm assuming somebody wrote an article or something like "You will live forever and grow more hair if you buy a NT42" because the arrival rate of responses has ticked up quite obviously. If any of those are real and several appear to be, I want to capture that (obviously), and some seem like the kind of owner that will provide "a good home" for her.

So, the public side of the selling process will begin in the next few as I finish up the behind the scenes part. All of which I have communicated to the respondents in email (which is where most status will be in the future). What you can expect will be: price announcement, a competitive analysis of the available inventory of 42's that compete for the same buyer, a "recommender program" and a decision on if/how I'll be working with buyer's brokers. The following is the status email sent out a little over a week ago.


Just a quick status to those who had enquired about my Nordic Tug 42, Clock Work and a few interested friends who helped with the web site edits.

Nearly coincident with getting the web site up and running in September, 2020 finally caught up with me and I was instantly 100% out of bandwidth to deal with anything to do with the boat. From 120 miles away. During a pandemic. That last thing being something I have to take deadly serious because of family. I recall there were several interesting conversations that had begun and I was in the process of meeting some interesting people. I see in my email folders some significant exchanges had occurred or were occurring, when I just pulled the EJECT handle and went on to fight things that are more important/urgent/consequential, at least to me and my family. I sincerely apologize. I'm programmed from my business life to not NOT communicate, and yet I did go dark. Eppur si muove, as a much smarter guy once said.

A few days ago, I checked the email at this address and was surprised at how much had come in. I know from my business life, the world is overpopulated with tire kickers. That's fine... they won't like me.. heartbeats matter. But I am encouraged that Clock Work remains interesting. To those, I look forward to starting/restarting the process, and hopefully coming out of it having met some interesting people. I imagine some of the initially interested parties may have found a boat and if so, let me say congratulations and sincere best wishes for many safe and happy hours on the water. I wish it worked for me! To the rest, please hang in there.

The intent of this message is simply to re-establish communication and restart the process began in September. My plan is to make the final decisions for how I will move forward, including establishing a price, and get back to you all in a few days. I'll be examining inventory and then setting an asking price and my process. Yes, I will be optimizing to some extent my ability capture the value of this boat. While I won't (ever again) deal with a yacht broker at my end.. and I sincerely tried.. 4 times... I will be considering working with buyer's brokers in some fashion as I've had enquiries from them from the site too. COULD make sense if I convince myself of certain things. But let me not get too far ahead. In a few days, and I can't know precisely how many... target is early next week.. I'll be getting back to you with what I hope you find to be useful, actionable information.

So, my own personal normal appears to be coming back into sight slowly. Yay.. no need to go humping rifles up into towers after all!!! Still no vaccine in me (and the complete cluster-F that is the Mass process for signing up appears to massively favor those with a reaction strategy cultivated during long hours of hands-on experience in riots, and burn-and-loots... learning how to come out with the best sneakers and tv's). I'm ancient and so will not be down in RI to see my boat until that box is properly checked. 14 months since I saw it? Something like that. A good friend down there who I impose on far too much already can possibly open CW up for a walk thru but I will be careful of his generosity. None of this is ideal but as I said on the web site, if someone can work around the exceptional circumstances of this past year, there is a good machine to be had. I won't be able to involve in the sort of long back and forth I was doing with some of you in Sept. Normal is returning, but "free time" (LOL!!! HAHahahaha) is not yet.

I ask that you please excuse this impersonal rambling message. Only path open at the moment.

Take care. Stay safe.


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