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Updated: Jan 6

I regularly receive emails through this site that fit one of three missions:

  • Is Clock Work still for sale?

  • Some question about some detail of the boat.

  • To either encourage or argue something I've written elsewhere in the blog.

When things are busy, as they have been for months, I'm sorry but I ignore the second kind when I know it's covered on the site. THE most common one for some time was: how much and where is she located? Click on the site and then just pay attention. Life's short.

The third.. I attract argument by just waking up, and don't know what to do with encouragement so those are effectively ignored too.

That leaves "is CW still for sale?" My reply to those the last month or so is.. technically, she is for sale. I say technically because I'm considering parking it under the plastic, not just for winter.. indefinitely.. to free up heartbeats. She was well put away, and things are busy. And I genuinely want to focus on some personal things much more than I have been.

I don't think I take on any harm in parking it. You can park diesels for extremely long periods of time and they don't mind. The market for fully mechanical 42's with the second-gen layout continues to remain sparse and all the factory is allowed to make is overly complicated stuff (thank you EPA.. sincerely!). The ratio of operating hours to vessel age continues to reduce (good thing). When I look at the example set by other hyper reliable vehicles that I follow and drool over (early 80's Mercedes W123 with a 4 or 5 speed manual transmission.. Dodge Cummins 5.9.. both of which I plan on owning/restoring), they don't just hold their value... they keep going up. And with no big pressure to sell other than pissing away a minor stream to the boat yard erased by the escalating value, it seems almost investment grade. The preceding is just me thinking out loud at the keyboard.

But I'm not definite. Besides answering obvious low-effort-research that can't possibly be serious, there's this slice of emails that just aren't fun. I've met some extremely interesting guys through those emails who are becoming friends but GD are there the other kind too. Like.. somehow a rumor that Clock Work is NOT for sale seems to have come up this summer and I got maybe 2 or 3 asking about that. And one official 85-IQ dumbass actually bitched me out on first contact email for operating a web site saying it's for sale when it's not. So... it WAS definitely for sale then... now.. it's kind of a Schrodinger's cat/double-slit thing.

So this is where I am... the plastic goes on and we'll see how soon I peek underneath I guess. When I get in the zone I honestly forget I/we own it. Again, it was well put away. Just wanted to explain as the analytics does indicate some of you keep coming back. I'll sign off with... if you're ACTUALLY more than just curious... genuinely hot for a 42 with a fully mechanical engine and low hours (and not getting any higher) for her age and want to evaluate mine, let me know and we can at least start by phone. Take care.

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