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Clock Work's Blog

I'm the owner of Clock Work. This is where I add/update information about the boat and the selling process for anyone to see. I've made a lot of friends through this site, and this is also where I post certain content in support of what can be multiple independent side discussions, all of which may often have zero to do with CW.  My attempt to bring a little organization to this span of subjects is the 4 categories immediately below... All Posts - CW/Sale: very related - etc. If you're serious about checking what's up with CW, you can find the mandatory subset by clicking on "very related".  OTOH, "unrelated" is the literal opposite. It'e where my personal systems/design/engineering/mechanical side usually leaks out.. often as an uncontrollable reflexive response to some hobby-thinker-grade comment I heard. GD English majors..... not that there's anything wrong with that:)

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