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An Endorsement (of Clock Work)

I've mentioned several times that there's a clear fraction of individuals who respond to this site with whom I sincerely enjoy communicating somewhat regularly, even if they and Clock Work don't turn out to be a match. I was very fortunate to just to receive an endorsement from a member of that group, so here it is. In another blog entry, I do have two other endorsements that are strictly about my "standard of care", but this one is mostly about the boat so I'll put it here. Again, please excuse that I have anonymized the note to protect his privacy and mine since this is, you know, the internet. As before, a signed copy would be made available to any serious parties.

My background, I grew up on Cape Cod spending my youth sailing my sunfish in Nantucket Sound. My love of the ocean and boats led to my graduation from Massachusetts Maritime Academy where I earned my U.S.C.G. Third Mates License Unlimited Tonnage.

Approaching retirement after 37 years as a computer programmer, I became very interested in Nordic Tugs as a potential boat for cruising the inland waters of the northeast and beyond.

I first met M----- while cruising the internet looking for a NT37. M----- and I exchanged a handful of emails regarding the differences between Clock Work and the NT37. It was through these emails that I learned M----- was a very knowledgeable and detailed hands on person. If I bought a used a boat, I would want the previous owner to be someone with the same traits as M-----.

Even though M----- knew I was not quite ready to purchase a boat, M----- graciously invited me to tour CW. I knew CW had spent some extended time on the hard, so I was prepared to see some evidence of this. During my tour of CW, it became very apparent that she was not lacking any attention. I saw no evidence of any neglect, and I was very impressed with the overall condition of Clock Work. The condition of CW indicated the vessel had been well loved and cared for.

If I was currently in the market for an NT42, CW would certainly be on top of my list to pursue further.

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