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The Return of Option 2

For ~12 years, I’ve tracked/analyzed NT42 inventory essentially the same way. The current inventory space is sparse in regard to 42’s, and that trend has been happening for years. There are very few examples of low-hours gen-2-layout 42’s with the good motor in inventory, and it’s 100% certain they are not going to make any new ones. I have found the method allows one to “peel open” the market and rank order current or all-time inventory “more than our tools can”, in the words of a handful of conversations with brokers. It was designed to be, and is, a good decision-support tool. The inventory of the sort of 42 I find competitive for Clock Work’s (reliability/mission-worthiness-aware) buyer has been depleted for a while and prices continued to rise. About the $510K listed on the landing page....... that figure is not output from the model/process that has been in use for 12 years.. the model/process output was actually ~$525K. Even that would be lower than the other guy.

I stand behind the analysis and simultaneously believe that leading-5 just introduces friction that eats heartbeats.. mine and others. “5” is special place on the price continuum.. it gets noticed more than other numbers, especially by long time observers, of which I may rank among the longest for 42’s. The category below 5 has enjoyed a massive engrained advantage vs the new/nearly-new category the entire time [End note 1]. 5+ is closer to a million than zero, and our reflexive/system-1 decision systems will notice that instantly. Might be like other things that cross an artificially special milestone.. e.g. the price of Big Mac’s all of a sudden starting with a 1 on some trip thru drive-thru. That kind of effect.. sticker surprise seems in friends, family, and me, to degrade to just another thing to bitch about.... most still drive away with the burger.

But I’m not trying to write a suck-it-up story either.. that’s the market’s job. I think there’s a win-win here to be built on that 5. A sale for the full current market price of Clock Work sucks for me too if you look deeper (cf below). It might be useful to share my daily prayer here and understand a cause/effect perspective that affects me.  

Please God, don’t hook me up with a guy who quickly agrees “Nice boat.. I guess that’s what they cost now, so hey..

Let’s get a slip, and

Let’s de-winterize it, and

Let’s replace the batteries as mentioned in the readiness blog, and

Let’s take it for a sea trial.”

And then, find someone who can re-winterize it without f-ing me (again) if the buyer flakes out.

The reason I am not in love with meeting that guy and getting “my big payday” isn’t run of the mill annoyance. It’s that that leads to that list being MY list. In case I have somehow inadvertently concealed how my ACTUAL real experience with marine service providers has affected me, recall, as I have stated repeatedly from the beginning...  

-----> THEY are THE REASON I’m selling the boat. <-----

From that it should not be a shock I am 100% done attempting to communicate, coordinate, trust, or burn any more heartbeats on any more marine service providers (MSP’s). And do not also forget that for me to accept those listed tasks is to condemn my own ass to additional past “modes of torture”.. likely multiple for each list item. A set of lived horrors I could not unsee...

  • A commute that grew from a steady, pleasurable 1hr-40m for years to more... like FIVE and FOUR hrs respectively my last two trips. Related observation...the elite of construction zone traffic-pattern design appear to live in other states. A now-waste of life that wan't there for decades.

  • I burned out most of my muscles/joints between my neck and shins working in positions I can’t get in any more.. again, c.f. other blog.

  • I squandered 7 months OF LIFE looking for just ONE MSP who 1. could convince me he had any actual skill or conscientiousness, and 2. is ethical and does what he says he’s going to do. Could not be found. And... I fixed it myself in a tiny fraction of that time with the most used up body in the marina while not waiting for some flake to call me back for 5+ weeks. Of course I want a whole new bigger list of past tortures to live through.

My ACTUAL real experience, and that of others predicts nothing but a months-long festival of cortisol saturation, and wasted heartbeats in trying to service that list to completion.. to some professional standard.. from 120 miles away.. before I die. And then, potentially... stochastically... find someone who can winterize it without just f-ing me for sport (again) if the buyer flakes out. [End note 2]

I can hear the comments... again. Despite the barge full of information on this site, the following is sadly necessary for “a certain fraction” of those with whom I speak. But here it is..

If I were insane enough to pretend I could have a probability of success attempting this list’s marching orders [End note 3] that is a tiny bit more than that of a snowball in hell......



Two Birds, One Stone - Option 2 lives

On the buyer’s side, there’s that “5”.  On my side, the intolerable necessity to wade back into the MSP farrago. All the ingredients for standard-issue business opportunity to find mutually productive compromise... an option to buy it off the hard for a significant discount.  Sounds familiar, and it should.  There was a sincerely interested party who knew the boat well (cf other blog) and asked me if I would sell it where-is/as-is on the hard, no sea trial needed (i.e. no list FOR ME of dealing with the lowest performing job category of my life), for a discount to him. [End note 4] Initially I balked until I got my head out of my exhaust pipe and figured out that approach relieved me entirely of coordinating a multitude of MSP’s toward a useful outcome. It was called Option 2. (cf other blog). I nearly screwed up and missed the opportunity to do this this time (thank you Dave!).  


First, the advertised price.. the not-quite-model price.. isn’t immediately changing unless inventory changes alter the model. Obviously a full market-price sale demands a full market-price level of mission readiness... i.e. the dance, as defined by The List, must be performed. Obviously. The probability of me getting excited to sign up for that list/Option 1 is vanishingly small (see above).  

The new Option 2 - I will pay you a $50,000 discount off the market/model price ($510k) to take Clock Work where is/as is. I want out from every part of the boating world that much... sorry to keep hitting that point. Alot Tof conversation about the first OP2 was consumed explaining that I really and truly stopped liking boating. Unlike when Option 2 was originally out there, the generator has been repaired (to an experience-informed high standard) and the profoundly lazy design fault that created it was been repaired (undone) too. The boat is in fantastic condition.. every thing... and it performed flawlessly coming back from the NT tech immediately before going up on the hard. Pls do see the Philosophical Shift blog.

Anything I’ve forgotten to mention here is covered by the original blogs/announcements of Option 2. I think there's a lot of meat in there, and I suggest interested parties read them. I’ll put the key points here....

  • I reserve the right to cancel or adjust the offer as I see fit.

  • Make sure you understand that as with a conventional sale, there is no deposit that removes the boat from the market while the details grind through. Selling only stops upon payment/funds clearing. If you want it, get a move on. BTW, I have an attorney with an office very near the boat.

  • Corollary to preceding bullet - I have lost numerous sales opportunities and enquiries from solid interested parties thanks to technology failures (email and web site) that were invisible from my end.. e.g. the entire Spring and start of Summer, 2022. Notice... the guys who wanted my attention were just as harmed as I was. NEVER trust or rely on technology.

  • Sorry, no buyer's agents for this option

  • The [Other] Uncertainty Principle

    • This purchase option should be viewed as fleetingly available.

    • I will protect an individual's opportunity under this option from disappearance for one business day after inspecting... i.e. you get a business day after you inspect to act even if I cancel the program. Do not confuse that with protection from another party submitting full payment ahead of you.


End note 1 - Though not the only advantage.. doesn’t take the reported 1-2 years and ~$1M to make a new one, and I use “one” specifically since a factory guy shared they make them one at a time. The math on those two things appears to guarantee scarcity at the new/nearly-new end and a drag effect on the lower-dollar end of the market. Just theory, but seems how supply/demand works. Also, the lasting advantage.. NO product category escapes all the pointless mission-worthiness-depleting BS tech packed in more and more frequently (by rookie millenial "designers").. But with the good engine.. well-maintained and low hr.. one automatically escapes completely that fraction of "inconvenient" product failures/gray swans waiting out in the future to collect their scalp. Another advantage being enough is saved to turn it into a vastly better (mission-worthy/reliable) boat than a new one. Exactly why I'm actively searching for second exact copy of my 300k mi/20 yr old truck.

End note 2 - This is sincere.. I am GENUINELY sorry if you who are reading this are a skilled, conscientious, ethical MSP who actually tries when he wakes up in the morning.. I'm disappointed we never met. More than you can know. I have regularly made room for the existence of such beings, against my own escalating direct and contrary experience, and the timidly narrated experience of many friends.. Our experience is just as real to us as your efforts to do right by your customers are to you. If you are one of these.. please come by and say hi some time. I enjoy the company of ethical skilled people who TRY.

End note 3 - A time-exponential superset of the sole task for 2023... find one MSP who radiates the vibe he can cross the finish line.

End note 4 – Guess what the topic was of the two all-time most visited blog/announcements on this web site. BTW, the expanded version of that gentleman prompting me for Opt 2 can be found in the Philosophical Shift blog (if you're still watching, please let me know how things worked out for you.)

End note 5 -  I've had to do this too many times before (just... F 2024 technology)... pasting: I'll also set up an alternate contact method for the next unpredictable/opaque failure-mode they invent or decay into. Translate the gibberish between the $-signs just below. It's a throw-away message box, either voice or text. I check it every couple of days. Sorry for the cloak/dagger.. I keep my life off the web much more than most. Please don't hesitate to use the alternate if the primary seems dead and if you do, I ask you put something in your message to make it clear you're real, and your email. !@#$----. ..... ----. -....- ....- ..... -.... -....- .---- ..--- ..--- ...--$%^&

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