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  MV Clock Work  for Sale

    2005 Nordic Tug 42 for sale

Fully Mechanical Engine   -   Flybridge   -   Thruster Upgrade with Dock-hold

Available for Purchase
Portsmouth, RI, USA

* Or $400K under Purch Option #2

[also please do see: recent blogs]


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About Clock Work

The information you are likely looking for is spread over three sections: 


Why Clock Work

 Photo Albums

With more detail being added regularly in the  Blog,  including how she fits into the current available inventory.

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I am not using a seller's broker. And was on the fence about working with buyer's brokers, but cannot at this time for personal bandwidth reasons.

Thanks for stopping by.  

Executive Summary

Toward the end of the 2019 season, I decided to sell Clock Work for reasons that had zero to do with the boat. There's a blog entry that explains the "why". I would decommission her as usual and leave her on the hard for the following season and start the selling process. My last months or daily contact with her involved killing every last item on my punch list and a pre-sale survey. She was detailed in her entirety before the plastic was put on.. she was put away right. You always have entropy in "things" and a couple of items popped up literally weeks after she was on the hard which are also mentioned in the blog. I've been and remain 100% ready to stand behind that. A good friend at the marina does regular walk-throughs for me. 

She's a great and well-equipped machine... fully manual engine controls which you can't get anymore thanks to the EPA brain trust (see multiple blogs) on what is arguably the best marine engine made, which has in excess of 75% of its projected service life remaining... and represents the apogee (for that admitted few who don't regard mission-worthiness and reliability as mere second priorities) of the NT42 line... which appears to be one of the most highly sought if you track inventory. 

She's still on the hard. Still under the plastic. The pandemic made me all but forget what she looked like since travel between states was so restricted, but again.. put away right.  She'll remain on the hard until she sells.. I'm on to other pursuits that aren't "like boating", and which occur in places that don't "feel like marinas". Though, there are days I'd still like to be out on her which I suppose might partially explain my diminished efforts at pushing a sale. 

    2005 Nordic Tug 42 for sale

Trawler for sale

Nordic Tug 42 for sale

MV Clock Work for sale


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