MV Clock Work  for Sale

    2005 Nordic Tug 42 for sale

Fully Mechanical Engine   -   Flybridge   -   Thruster Upgrade with Dock-hold

Available for Purchase
Portsmouth, RI, USA

Alternatively, I will accept as full payment "The Storm on the Sea of Galilee" 


About Clock Work

Spring Relaunch - 2021

Clock Work is now fully on-sale.

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Why Clock Work

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With more detail in the  Blog,  including how she fits into the current available inventory.

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Site Launch - Fall/2020

My intent at the end of the 2019 season was to sell Clock Work in 2020. But 2020 has been rendered a pretty unusual year by Covid. As I have a family member that requires I operate with the utmost caution, I have not done anything with the boat this year. Still in her shrink-wrap from 2019 and a good friend at the marina does regular walk-throughs for me. 

Despite the ridiculous year we've had, I hear it's been a good boating season. Calls from brokers inquiring about repping the boat lead me to believe that. I had her cleaned up and ready to show at the end of last season but she's been sitting under her plastic in the boat yard since. It would be foolish to commission her even partially at this late stage on a speculative basis, but if you're interested in a well-cared-for Nordic Tug 42, with a fully mechanical engine, I have one . If you can work thru the process under the circumstances imposed this year.. deal with the idea I'm not going to make/keep this boat-show pretty again in the midst of a pandemic, I'll work with you.


I don't actually expect anything to happen with her until next season, but just in case, I'm putting her information up on this page. I'll be adding to it as time allows, and that includes deciding what I'll assign for a price. It's later-September 2020 as I start this. Please take a look. If it seems interesting, you can contact me by clicking on the CONTACT link at the top of the top page.  


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    2005 Nordic Tug 42 for sale

Trawler for sale

Nordic Tug 42 for sale

MV Clock Work for sale


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