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Pre-sale survey

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

I honestly thought I'd posted this earlier (still sorta think I did). I just referred one of the interested parties who had recently toured Clock Work to find this on this site but, no joy... I *loathe* being ancient. My apologies to Tom.. And rather than just email it to him, I'll ACTUALLY post it here as there are/seems to be 6 interested parties as I type this... and hopefully will not entirely F it up again.

FYI, this survey was done by a NT specialist (who I also had rebed the deck hardware) a week before it got pulled and set on the hard... it is extremely current relative to it's most recent operation, other than minor entropy effects as you get with all machinery.

Notice that the combiner relay was noted on the "current issues" blog entry way back when. $107 part plus, I assume $10,000 labor if I have one of the hyper talented electrical guys who charged me $480 to crimp (both ends, of course) of a crimp connector after I installed a new charger, and did not want to 1. Drive back down with the correct part to do this trivial 1-minute thing, and 2. half-ass either of the phoned-in ways one would crimp a 12AWG to a 16AWG if you only have 12/14 and 14/16 crimps in your bag. Oh, and since I served on the standards committee for something like Hardware Best Practices for Technicians and Engineers for a major computer manufacturer 50 million years ago, pride would not let me phone it in... even though nobody'd ever see it and that's what the majority of people down at the docks would do. Still, I do feel obligated to recognize talent when I see it.. when someone is at the pinnacle of their profession and good enough to be worth $480 to crush a crimp ever so perfectly. And do what I was unable to do in 1000's of hours on board.... leave a stain on the carpet in the precise place on the carpet anyone walking in the door will be looking. I must tip my hat.

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