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My Answer to: "Why are you selling?"

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

This seems to be the next most popular question after are there any issues, so, briefly..

I bought Clock Work after a really good motorcycle wreck in CA (police motorcycle instructor school) brought my 25+ year run of putting in mostly 100-hr weeks to a full stop that could not be restarted. Wanted to spend more time doing fun things with the family and I thought a trawler was the best choice. The idea of exploring the northeastern seaboard with the family seemed attractive. Turns out the family didn't enjoy boating at all and that was sufficient to take out the plan as formulated. I still enjoyed working on the boat (I'm drinking coffee out of my "I like Machines" mug as I type this).. learning the systems.. learning the best way to maintain, operate and work around a failure.. the "joy of doing".

I was 90% work on/tinker... 10% short runs around the bay using it as my office for 3-4 days and then head home for a while. Too many times when down and never left the dock the entire time. Also just too much driving... it takes much of the fun out of tinkering to be so far from your tools and machine shop.. and the commute time for some reason began to climb pretty severely too. The straw that sank the camel was me bending over the step by the transmission that you use to climb out of the engine room.. fixing a bilge pump switch I believe (specifically trying to get the super-tough hose off the pump). After several hours of that, I perf'd my stomach lining and ended up with an abdominal bleed in an ambulance 3 days in the hospital where I promised myself the next time I get hurt having fun it will be crashing a motorcycle out in the woods as God intended:)

I like the BOAT.. a lot. I spent a year and a half tracking down just the right one and many seasons taking care of it to my best. But the universe beat me. I hate the constantly lengthening ride/traffic. I hate that 100% of the time THE tool you need is in one of the tool chests in the shop. I hate having to go home to modify a tool or make a part. I would hope to add politely that I am "incompatible" with the majority of marine service providers I met. But predominantly, life's too short to live it choosing between family and a machine/activity.

The silver lining for the next owner is a greatly reduced engine-hours burn-rate the last 4 years.

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