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Updated Thruster Wiring Diagrams - FYI

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

For some time, I've been trying to get my hands on a set of wiring diagrams showing the attachment points of the system to both charging and, if separate, DC supply. I ended up in the forum several times to ask if any NT42 owners who upgraded their SidePower on/off bow thrusters to proportional and fore/aft might have the pertinent wiring diagram they'd be willing to share. Several of you were a HUGE help with a past diagram request when I was looking for prints from nearby hull numbers for the entire electrical system. Unfortunately, nobody could provide the thruster diagrams, though several replied they'd appreciate a copy of the diagrams I was seeking if I ultimately secured them, so here you go. Hope they help. Note... to retain detail, I've had to given them their own photo album - link at top of this page, or this link will hopefully take you directly: Thruster Album

I asked the installer a few times by email but never got a reply. To be clear right here, one of the partial-handful marine service providers (MSPs) I would enthusiastically recommend is New England Bow Thruster and for concrete reasons.. I don't give out A's just to get people to like me and the totality of my experience with them makes me confident I screwed up asking for the prints.. If the rest of the MSPs I've tried to work with were 1/2 as skilled and ethical, CW would not be for sale. I should post a complete review some time. Anyway, I still wanted the prints a few weeks ago and called. A gentleman named Nate answered and immediately 100% owned the problem and assured me it would get handled quickly, which I did. No possible way for me to have been more delighted by his concern or the caliber of the work he returned to me only days later. Way to go Nate.

Quick/unrelated check for ideas... I still have the original bow thruster motor out in the barn.. it worked fine but I still had a new one put in while I had the install team on the boat. Sort of like just doing the water pump if you're already doing a timing belt. Huge electric motor I'd love to build in to something fun or useful. If anyone has any ideas on what that might be, please shoot me a quick message from the "email box" on the home page of this site. War story... in the 90's I enjoyed some infamy among my dirt bike friends for "losing it" while trying to remove the swing arm from my bike... corroded in place and laughing at the various penetrating oils I tried.. and going down in my basement and retrieving the heaviest thing I could find.. a very large electric motor that had been sitting on the floor for 20 years from my dad.. with which I pounded on the stupid thing while swearing at it. That implement established a new acronym in my corner of the dirt bike world.. BFEM... a size rating for an electric motor. Decorum prohibits me from expanding it. It still works and was added to a drill press I began to restore. Though now, I guess... there's a new BFEM in town.

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